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NCIS Kink!Fic

Where our favorite agents get down and dirty

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NCIS Kink FanFiction
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This is a community for fan fiction that is written expressly in the kink world! It will contain, but not be limited to, BDSM (bondage, spanking, erotic punishment, humiliation, pain - the giving and recieving of it, dominance, and much more), D/s, domestic discipline, daddy!kink and/or age-play, threesomes, orgies, bloodplay, etc. There WILL be same-sex fics posted, which will not, in and of itself, be considered kink. Anything goes here except for flaming. If you flame you WILL be banished!!

Since this is a group with explicit sexual content, you state that you are 18 years old by joining/friending this community.

Warnings and cut-tags MUST be used so that people don't accidentally read something that will squick them.

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